November 2015


CELEBRATING TRANSGENDER AWARENESS DAY: Ugandan Transgender Persons Speak Out on their Realities

Ugandans have overtime tried to grasp what it really means to be either lesbian or gay. While some may not accept what it fully entails to be a sexual minority, they will still have a better understanding of the situation the latter find themselves in.

What is still hard to grasp for most Ugandans however is the concept of gender minorities. Today being Trans Awareness Day, we talked to a few transgender individuals to shed light on what their everyday lives are like and how they have managed to cope in a greatly transphobic society.


DPI Holds Survey on how 2016 Elections could Affect Human Rights Defenders

Defenders Protection Initiative (DPI) is conducting a research on “THE THREATS LIKELY TO AFFECT HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENDERS TOWARDS 2016 ELECTIONS IN UGANDA” which is
aimed at identifying the likelihood of such threats that may arise during this
period and may affect civil society organizations – Human Rights Defenders (HRDs)
in particular and develop recommendations to mitigate them.