February 2016


Archbishop Stanley Ntagali to Boycott Global Anglican Events over Unresolved Stand on Homosexuality Unions

The Church of Uganda will continue to boycott global Anglican events after Archbishop Stanley Ntagali accused Western church heads of betraying Biblical principles. In his recent address, Ntagali said that leaders hadn’t done enough on the issue and his church will boycott the next Anglican meeting as a result.


Leaked Emails Reveal Row with Museveni Forced Hillary Clinton to Look into African Laws on Homosexuality

Newly-released emails from Hillary Clinton have revealed she pushed the Obama administration to take a harder stance on anti-gay laws in Africa. The State Department, in which Hillary served as Secretary is continuing to release batches of non-classified emails from her time as Secretary, after controversy surrounding her use of a private email server.


Uganda Cares Celebrates World Condom Day with an Emphasis on Sex Workers and the LGBTI Community

On 12th February 2016, Uganda Cares joined the rest of the world to commemorate World Condom Day under the theme “Wrap Your Love”. The event brought together more than 500 members from the key affected population groups i.e. male and female commercial sex workers, lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgender persons.