August 2016


KUCHU BLACKMAILER NETTED: Urgent Call to the Community to be Vigilant and Mindful of their Security

This is not the first blackmail case being reported from the Ugandan LGBTI community, there have been a number of similar cases reported with the number hiking after the passing of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in 2013.Also, just a couple of weeks ago, a number of gay men from Bwaise were enticed to a deserted place where they were tortured. They too met their torturers on facebook.


QUZAH LIBYA: Taking Baby Steps in Defending LGBTI Rights in a Highly Homophobic Nation

There is also no governmental or non-governmental organisations that protects sexual minorities’ rights. Furthermore, there are no legal proceedings for the protection of sexual minorities’ rights as the new government is still weak and courts and the justice system are ineffective also for investigations and prosecutions.


TRANZ NETWORK UGANDA: Building a Safe Space for Transgender Ugandans

Tranz Network therefore used such issues a basis to embark on a journey to create a space where their members can regain self-esteem as well as advocate for their rights. Tranz Network Uganda has also registered some remarkable achievements ever since its inception. They work through public education, speak openly about their identity telling the masses about who they are and the challenges they face. TNU has also strived to make sure that they sensitize Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual persons about trans issues, expounding more on the concepts of sexual orientation and gender identity.

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We Celebrate

Sandra Ntebi commonly known as “Krazy” among her peers was born on this day. She is an out and passionate advocate for the rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) persons in Uganda and was part of this movement building. Sandra currently serves as the chairperson for the national LGBTI security committee, a […]


COMING OUT: A Gay Man’s Tale of Boldness and Self Acceptance

I did not speak to my parents for about six months after that call. Until one day one of my sisters phoned and said that dad had been to the doctor and there were concerns about his health. I quit my job within the week and was headed home. My sister had made that up in an attempt to get us to talk. I spent some of the worst five weeks at home then. But it did start a conversation. My parents denied ever saying that they would kick me out if I was gay.

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FROM PRIDE RAID TO FULFILLING A DREAM: Sanyu Hajarah Shares her Therapeutic Mountain Climbing Adventure

I am a strong woman but when I reached Wagagai, I broke down, I sat and cried for close to twenty minutes, I cried because I was happy to have achieved my dream, I cried because of the struggles we go through, I cried for my country and the government plus other communities which don’t regard us as human beings and I cried because I made it.


LGBTI Lives Under Threat as Tanzania Bans Distribution of Lubricant!

According to The Citizen, The Tanzania Ministry of Health subsequently called for a ban on lubricants, a safer sex commodity, as these are seen to encourage homosexuality. Since the ban on lubricants was issued, organisation providing HIV services to key populations report that some of their clients have stopped seeking health care and defaulted on their ART regimens


OGERA launches Tournament to Provide Sports Platform for LGBTI Persons

According to Shammie the Executive Director of OGERA, they also considered the reality that as a result of this project, there would be visibility, recognition and exposure of LBT/WSW talents to the wider sports fraternity thus creating opportunities as well as change people’s perceptions and attitudes towards LGBTI people.