September 2016


HRAPF Launches Reports on ‘Idle and Disorderly’ Laws and Human Rights Awareness and Violations based on SOGI

The research led by Fridah Mutesi found that the Idle and disorderly laws are extensively implemented in Uganda and according to records, 958 charges were recorded at five different policy stations between 2011 and 2015.
It was discovered that victims of these arrests are mostly marginalised groups that rank lowest on the social and economic radar.


EAST AFRICAN COURT OF JUSTICE Decides HRAPF’s Case Challenging AHA is Moot since the Law was Nullified

The Attorney General made preliminary objections that the amendment cannot stand as it challenged a law that was already nullified- in essence that the case was moot. HRAPF argued that they were not challenging the Act but the Act of passing the Act with provisions that contravene the Treaty, and that in any case, this was a matter of public interest that the Court could hear as an exception to the mootness rule. UNAIDS was allowed to join as amicus curiae and the made their submissions regarding the HIV/AIDS.


Botswana Deports Hate Preacher Steven Anderson

The government of Botswana yesterday announced the deportation of the head Pastor of Ariaona based Faithful Word Baptist Church, Steven Anderson. The President of the South African nation ordered the arrest and immediate deportation of the hate speech preacher after Anderson said gay people deserve to be killed; the pastor said this while giving an interview to a radio station, Gabs in Gabarone.

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SCHOLARSHIP OFFERING: Call for Applications for Shambhala Scholarships

The scholarships are available for undergrad or post-grad tertiary education study where the chosen field of study will equip the student to pursue a career with the objective of business leadership. There are no set rules about the study and the students are to motivate why their chosen field of study fits with the organisation’s objectives.


IFreedom Unveils Digital Resource Centre

“The LGBTI community has reached a point where we must acquire skills for self sustenance. We can nolonger rely on funders or organisations to figure our lives out for us. Such initiatives will help us develop as a community and this will eventually translate into poverty eradication and self education,” Luswata said at the launch of the digital resource centre.


Archbishop Desmond Tutu Spearheads ‘LET’S FACE IT: LGBTI Right are Human Rights” Campaign

Not one to shy away from defending LGBTI rights, the projects 1000th face, Archbishop Desmond Tutu calls upon the world to be civil and accepting of gender and sexual minorities. He continues to emphasize his message of peace and tolerance in the video. “It is easier to love than hate,” the renowned Archbishop says as he decries homophobia and violence towards LGBTI persons.