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SPecTrUm Uganda
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Spectrum Uganda is a nongovernmental organization that advocates for human and health rights of sexual minorities and provides preventive, care and support health services to key populations groups/communities in Uganda. Spectrum Uganda initiatives is struggling to bring about an increased awareness among the general public on their human and health rights, this is intended to reduce stigma and discrimination based on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity.
It is a collaborated effort in which a section of friendly health service providers have been oriented around unique needs of sexual minorities to enable the providers to serve without prejudice all sections of the Uganda’s communities.
The general population must be fast brought to the same page through sensitization programs through media print, social media among others on the need to stop discrimination and stigmatization of those who are affected and infected by HIV/AIDS as well as those who belong or perceived to belong to sexual minorities (LGBTI). Health services must be accessible by everyone if we are to achieve our target of Zero HIV by JOINING HANDS TO SCALE UP HIV PREVENTION”

We wish to retaliate and highlight the ministry of health, Ministerial Directive on Access to Health services without discrimination, 2014. This was developed to ensure that health care providers and health researches adhere and are committed to provision of health services without any form of discrimination and to exhibit high ethical and professional standards. We believe the directives media highlight the confidentiality and privacy of clients. All clients have a right to privacy in the course of consultation and treatment.
It calls upon health care provider to observe the patients’ confidentiality and privacy. Therefore spectrum Uganda will supplement government efforts by disseminating the contents of the directive in the media for a wider circulation. For further information contacts us at:

Spectrum Uganda Initiatives Incorporated

P.o.Box 31670, Kampala, Toll free line: 0800100040
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