Women’s Organisation Network for Human Rights Advocacy (WONETHA), a non-profit civil society organization that advocates for the rights and livelihoods of adult female sex workers in Uganda, on 24th November 2017held its fifth Annual General Meeting in Kampala. The meeting was intended to highlight their progress and shortcomings for the year 2017.

Having served her five year term as the Executive Director of WONETHA Daisy Nakato Namakula bid farewell to her  secretariat during this meeting- WONETHA will be going through a transitional process as they welcome a new ED at the beginning of 2018.  

Ms Namakula who was clearly emotional as she gave her outgoing speech, said the WONETHA team was more than just work and had become her family.

“As the constitution says, I have served my term well and it is sad that this will be my last AGM with WONETHA but I will keep you at heart. I encourage all those interested in this job to apply and who knows, you may be the next WONETHA director,” she told the gathering members and allies.

Also on the agenda was  election of the representative for sex workers on the Board of Directors for WONETHA.  Five female sex workers contested for the slot with Ndagire Aisha emerging victor.

The board chair, Sarah Kihika was presented WONETHA’s progress report for 2017  which highlighted the registered achievements and shortcomings. She thanked the secretariat for the great work done to serve the female sex work community diligently in 2017 and extended her condolences to the families of sex workers that were killed in the gruesome murders in Nansana and Wakiso districts.

The Board Chair also recognized the outgoing ED for her great contribution in building and strengthening WONETHA’s capacity and structures. She also appealed to those present to keep the vigilance WONETHA is known for and continue reaching out to the last sex worker at the grass root level.

Ms. Batte Shamila the Executive Director for OGERA and coordinator for Uganda Network for Sex Work led organisations (UNESO) spoke about the work of UNESO as a uniting body for all organisations that advocate for the rights of sex workers in Uganda.