Organisation for Gender Empowerment and Rights Advocacy (OGERA) Uganda kicked the year off in high gear as they launched the “Enough is Enough” campaign. They premiered a  documentary with the aim of eradicating violence against sex workers- the short movie was also a tribute to  sex workers that have  their lives or faced various forms of human rights violations while plying this risky profession as a means of survival fir their families.

With support from the Red Umbrella Fund, OGERA produced ‘Enough is Enough’ particularly covering voices of refugee sex workers that have faced various human rights violations.  In the short movie, most share their experiences being mistreated by  violent  clients, others show scars that remained as a result of such physical attack. On the whole, this docudrama brings to the forefront the sad untold realities of sex workers.

This campaign/ documentary premier event was   well attended by different leaders from the Ugandan female and sex workers fraternity as well as members of the LGBTI community.

“Thank you OGERA for bridging this gap and documenting these violations. Thank you for doing what many have not done. Most of us have been in similar situations but haven’t taken a step to document them in order to save the next person . By documenting this, it the sex work movement in Uganda is definitely growing ”- Daisy Nakato Namakula the Executive Director for WONETHA , another sex workers’ organisation, commented.

OGERA'S ED Shamillah Batte

In her speech , Batte Shamila the Executive Direction for OGERA   noted that the past year in which the documentary was made marked four years of the organization’s existence. She explained that the film was inspired by a series of stories of violations inflicted on OGERA members . “We realized that words alone cannot convey the untold misery endured by sex workers in their different diversities. We need to develop an everlasting evidence based approach by bringing  together the voices of the victims with an intention  of inspiring others  to stand against  this illicit act of killing and brutalizing sex workers  who the  world has judged to be obscene. This film further intends to inspire fellow sex workers who are exposed to violations in line of duty either sexually, emotionally or physically to take a stand against this immoral act and to always seek justice,” Batte Shamila said.

OGERA is a registered  sex workers’  organisation  for refugees and LGBT/WSW sex workers.