Kuchu Shiners, on Friday 31 August 2018, hosted her very first social event. According to the Executive Director, Bukenya Musa Asad, this was geared towards contributing to the organisation’s visibility n within the key populations community.
He also asserted that the organization was using the opportunity to make and nurture relationships with several health care providers with whom they could tackle the challenges regarding stigma and discrimination faced by the Transgender community and Sex Workers' movement in the health care system. Kuchu Shiners intends to use this event, which will be a regular affair, to reach out to the homeless LGBTIQ persons living with HIV; they will offer counselling services, shelter and bursaries to further their education.
Nalongo, a member and team leader for transgender persons in Kuchu Shiners believes that this program will benefit their members especially those who are homeless. Kuchu Shiners Uganda, founded in 2015, is a Key Populations organization focusing mainly on Transgender persons and Sex Workers (MSMs) to promote positive living. They are targeting key populations at the grassroot level in districts Kampala, Mbarara, Mbale, Jinja, Masaka, Mityana and Mubende. They have so far partnered with MARPI (Most At Risk Population Initiative), Human Rights and Promotion Forum (HRAPF), Most At Risk Populations Network ((MARPS), Tranz Network Uganda, SPECTRUM, Organization for Gender Empowerment and Rights Advocacy (OGERA Uganda), Rainbow Mirrors and Out And Proud.