Solidarity in Allyship – Chronicles Of Bombastice Magazine Series 3.

In this third series of Chronicles of Bombastic Magazine, we asked our correspondents to share with us their experience with the latest edition that focussed on The Power Of Allyship.

Barbara Apio from Lira sent us her review;

Allyship, what does this mean? Alternatively, what does one need to do or be like in order to be known or considered as an ally to the LGBTQI community? Allyship is the art of having ones back even with no knowledge of doing it irrespective of who they are, accepting them for who they are and respecting their human rights.

Upon reading the latest edition of the Bombastic magazine with the theme “The power of Allyship”, I was impressed by the resilience shown in the stories of the Allys, Joan Nanyange, Nicholas Opiyo and Justine Baalya who are resilient and continue serving the LGBTQI community in the country no matter the continuous attacks from community and judgement from relatives and friends.

In most cases, society expects us to distance ourselves from those they deem different but these Allys did not buy into societies needs and that is the kind of spirit, we, as Ugandans need. We need to accept that being LGBTQI is normal and be as open minded as possible to let the works of the Allys and the feminists not go to waste.

Additionally, I admire the courage and open mindedness Susan Atuhura Abwoli demonstrated from being a homophobe to an activist. Many people out there are as Susan used to be, but all they need is to loosen up abit, get to interact with a few people from the LGBTIQ community. In doing so, we shall understand that sexuality does not affect ones character or social behaviour unless pushed to the wall.

I thank all our allies even those who choose to support us from the closet, may their hard work be rewarded.