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Thats a very good question. My first thought on this , is that most transgenders obviously want to change their bodies to match their gender identity.

Although, i’ll share with you, that i have met a couple of friends that are transgender men. They were born as women but always felt like men. One of them actually told me he had gender dysphoria. The interesting fact, is that he didn’t want to go through sex reassignment. i figured there are lots of factors: health, economic situation, among others. I have also heard that many transgender men, don’t want to get surgery in the lower part of their bodies. Since i heard that, i did some research on sex reassignment FTM and what a Phalloplasty really is. I understand its a complicated matter and i can see how some men wouldn’t want to do it.

So my friend  DID want to be seen and treated like a man, because that’s what he felt he was. He didn’t really want to go through surgery, but ONLY because he had already done everything in his power to look like a man.  So at one point, he wanted to change something even if it was on the outside. But i feel like sometimes only changing the outside is enough to change your life.

I feel like i really didn’t answer the question haha – But it is different for everyone. I would love to read some opinions from transgender people.

Hugs to everyone!!