Homosexual relationships mentioned in the Bible.

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    Homosexual relationships mentioned in the Bible.
    Sometimes the relationship between David and Jonathan 1 Samuel 18:3-4 2 Samuel 1:26 was an example of a homosexual relationship. The relationship between Ruth and Naomi Ruth 1:14 and between Jesus and John (the disciple Jesus loved in John 13:23 19:26 21:7 21:20) are also mentioned.
    Dose God Hate Homosexuals.
    That slogan doesn’t come from the bible and it is not consistent with Bible teachings (Gensis 1;31 psalms 145:9 mathew 5:43-45 Jhon 3:16 Romans 5:8)
    How to love each other.
    Ironically, homosexuality also poses a challenge for heterosexual Christians, we may let feelings of contempt or fear leads us into the sin of self-righteousness. But Jesus and other New Testament leaders taught by word and example not to be self-righteous or shun or discriminate against those we consider being sinners.

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