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    Do you think the Catholic church will move away from conservativeness and embrace homosexuals because of the Pope’s recent toned down remarks?

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    The main problem is Catholicism itself, and what the catholic religion makes people believe. The pope can say whatever he wants and it could be a great thing because it could lead to something good, but the homophobia we have to fight against everyday, comes from the community. I don’t see the Catholic church changing .. not even a bit

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    I think it will just take time. Personally, I think it’s inevitable that the Church will have to accept that LGBT persons have existed and will continue to exist. Many of them consider themselves Christian or Catholic even though they’ve been pushed away by many who adhere to their faith.

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    It will happen but this will take time because the church will see its self on the losing side,but it will happen.

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    Diesel Balaam

    Hi to all our African LGBTI friends. In the United Kingdom, we have a charity called the Pink Triangle Trust which promotes Humanism and equality for LGBTI people everywhere in the world. In Europe, we know we are fortunate in making great strides in this regard. In Africa, we know the situation is often much, much worse. Where religion is strong – any religion – LGBTI people tend to suffer and face discrimination, violence, even death. Where religion has been successfully replaced with a more Humanistic outlook, LGBTI people are treated as equals, with dignity and respect. We want this for our African brothers and sisters too. Please visit the Pink Triangle Trust website, or read our on-line magazine (English language) at http://thepinktriangletrust.com/. You are not alone in your struggle. The Pink Triangle Trust has sent money to support Humanist schools in Nigeria and campaigners in Uganda. The promotion of Humanism goes hand-in-hand with the promotion of equal rights for LGBTI people.

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