• Mike

    Bravo to the publishers of Bombastic! Whenever I want to know what true courage looks like, I look no further than LGBTI activists in Uganda.

    • Thank you so much mike.

    • i understand we all live in fear of being killed and isolated but some lgbti people are so unfriendly to their fellows who are stil in the closet


    am a 24 year old ugandan who is leaving in total secrecy due to my sexual orientation. i would like you to contact me on my mail.
    thank you

  • Mboode WIilly

    1.0 Background
    Over the last two decades, politics in Uganda have been managed and controlled by those that were “historical” in bush fights or those that had strategically aligned themselves close to the whims of power. It has become an opportunistic game meaning that could shout more praises for the leader of a political party and defend the party at all costs, grabbed a seat next to the podium. Anyway that dared to the criticize the party and its leadership or even attempt to air fundamental rights being trampled on was chewed and spit out. It is from affront that people like Miria Matembe, Mugisha Muntu, Amanya Mushega, Late Eriya Kategaya, Binaisa and the likes found themselves offloaded and the bus had to continue on its journey. It was then made clear fundamental protection of human rights and serving the common man were not values the party subscribed to. Scandal after scandal showed where their interests lay. High levels of corruption, failing health system that produces mediocre graduates and an infrastructure network that could not even get the central business to have a workable road system.
    There was further regression in civil liberties with enactment of laws that were intended to suffocate the opposition and also infringe on individual rights. The State was and has become the custodian of rights deciding who when and how people should live with limited choices even in the privacy of their home.
    This essence affected minorities more. The LGBTI community continued to witness attack any form of discussion was curtailed by the government using its apparatus in the name of ethics and integrity.
    2.0 Fighting for the Cause
    The stage has been set and we could not watch as condition deteriorated. We could not stand witness as a section of the people is being treated as second level citizens. It is our country too and we all have a stake in its governance. We formed coalitions and movements and grass root campus groups to create awareness and fight for fundamental human rights
    Ugandan politics have been centralized among those that pay allegiance to an individual. The Minority groups especially LGBTI have for many years been left behind in such forum, to influence and play a role in the governance of the state for the well being of all and not only the majority. A true democracy is tested by how it treats its minority members and how it engages them in matters that affect them.
    Therefore it is for these reasons that I have decided to offer my candidacy to take my place in the governance of my country to continue the fight for the protection of minority fundamental rights. I have fought for the cause and watched the government relentlessly ignore the wills of a part of its citizenry. This stops now. We cannot continue fighting from the sidelines or blaming the government for what it has not done for us as LGBTI community. It is now time that we become part of the government and we directly influence the course this country is governed for the well being of all people.
    I believe with this start, it will ignite members from the LGBTI family/community and other minority groups to get the courage to join politics and create a wave where our voices will also matter. This will enable us enjoy space without limit.
    It will create a further surge for members of minority groups to enter the Police, Prisons, Judiciary, Education and Health sectors to ensure that rights are not vehemently trampled on by the majority.
    My candidature is thus the beginning of these journeys that we are dreaming of. As an MP aspirant, it is not my personal victory and it is not my personal benefit but for the LGBTI community which I have for a long time been serving.
    I am an activist, I will be an activist and I will do activism even in parliament.
    I am here to prove to the entire country that we can and we have the ability to lead being and LGBTI person is thus not a disability or an inability to serve my country.
    I am contesting in the very local area, zone, and country where Kadaga the Speaker of Parliament comes from.
    In this campaign however, we need millions of money to finance several projects like sports, agriculture, education, empowerment projects, rallies, facilitation, meetings, information session, and publicity, campaign car hire, sub-counties office hire among others which will lead us to victory.
    We thus need over USD 250,000 to run this campaign successfully and its results will be our long awaited happiness and victory.
    In a nut shell, I am calling upon organizations, individuals, groups, associations, companies, and clubs Embassies, to come up and fundraise for this cause.
    Mboode Willy Member of Parliament to be Buzaaya Constituency.
    [email protected]
    +256 701 197 730 / +256 773 097 730
    Looking towards your support
    You can contribute from 1 usdollar to the maximum of your wish.

  • Wolfgang

    Congratulations and my deepest respect.

    So necessary, important and courageous to do this in you region. I have also, with over 60 years now, some bad and some good experiences. Times luckily changed, but was a long way and still not at the end….

    Ich wish you, your initiative, the magazine, network, your friends and supporters all the very best

  • vivamato

    hey am Ugandan and got some crazy ideas in my mind but was a male escort so now i think am gay but society scares us away too much judgment.


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  • ts only by means of studying very well such that we are always ahead of every in all sectors that’s how we can influence otherwise no way! please ,support us with bursaries!!!

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