April 2024


Bikukwatako; Ugandans Should Be Concerned.

As Ugandans, it’s time to confront a crucial question: Does consensual relations between adults of the same sex truly bother us to the extent that we are willing to sacrifice the principles of equality, dignity, and progress in our own country? Is the pervasive hate towards LGBTQ+ individuals a valid justification for enduring poor leadership and enduring the consequences of bad legislation? Are consensual relationships between adults of the same sex truly a threat to our society? Do they pose a danger to our families, our communities, or our way of life? No! Do you know what causes threats to our societies, when people who need services cannot access them because of laws created in prejudice. It is time to examine if really the whole nation is not serving time for this crime of being silent towards marginalization.

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Sexual Assault Awareness Month – A brief Research On The Realities of LGBTQ+ Ugandans.

A recurring and distressing reality uncovered through our research is the prevalence of sexual assault perpetrated under the guise of ‘correcting’ the sexual orientation of LGBTQ individuals. Close family members and community members often exploit their positions of trust to subject LGBTQ+ individuals to various forms of sexual violence in an attempt to force them to conform to societal norms. This insidious form of abuse not only violates the rights and autonomy of LGBTQ+ individuals but also perpetuates cycles of trauma and fear.