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SEE ME AS: A Docudrama that Celebrates LGBTI Lives

The documentary titled See Me As covers a wide range of different events that transpired in the Ugandan LGBTI movement over the course of the last four years; it highlights the movement’s achievements as well as the rights violations experienced by LGBTI identifying persons which include but are not limited to forced anal exams, arbitrary arrests, and police clump down on LGTBI gatherings.



A frank documentary about the lives of gay Tunisians received an enthusiastic welcome at a local film festival last week despite homosexuality being a crime in the North African country. The room of 500 seats was not big enough to fit all those who flocked to see “Upon the shadow”, an intimate — at times explicit — portrait of a group of transvestite and gay friends speaking openly about their love lives, being rejected by their families and their fear of the police.

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