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Homophobic Attack on LGBTQ+ Activist As He is Installed As a Chief in Ghana.

Speaking to Ugandan LGBTQ+ activist Kasha Jacquilne Nabageresa, this is what she had to say about Davis, “I have worked with Davis for so many years and one thing about him is that he is so development oriented. He doesn’t only concentrate on his activism but all round social activism. I have followed his journey to become a chief for years now. I actually envy that community because I wish it was happening in my own backyard.


LGBT+ History Month; Stand With LGBT+ Allies

Over the years of the LGBT+ movement, there have been friends made along the way who have dedicated their resources to fight against the prevalent discrimination of sexual and gender diverse persons in Uganda. The fruits from these allies and friendships that have been formed along the way are evident as for example, as of COP 2020, Uganda’s HIV/AIDS response recognizes and provides support to men who have sex with men and transgender persons. This among many milestones the community would not have reached on her own.


David Kato Kisule Memorial Week 2023

It is important to commemorate human rights defenders because they are the bedrock of sustainable and equitable development for all.
David Kato (RIP), a famous LGBT rights campaigner and openly gay man, was brutally killed at his house outside Kampala on January 26, 2011. Ugandan gay rights activist David Kato found murdered | Uganda | The Guardian.
The late David Kato’s death took away a strong and articulate advocate from the LGBT+ community, and it is only appropriate to commemorate him every year.


PRESS RELEASE: HER Internet Calls For Continued Organization Amongst Minority Groups To Create Free And Safe Online Spaces.

“I would say that unfortunately as law in Uganda goes, its cons still outweigh its pros. But if we have a voice, if we read and we all learn because most of the times what happens is we do not know what we’re dealing with. We don’t know the laws and so people can easily use them against us. If we actually do go back and read; we can navigate the Internet safely,” shares Ms. Ainembabazi.



Motorcycles are an essential part of the key population ecosystem. From trusted means of transportation to clients for some to belonging in some of the key population groups themselves. For some they are used just once in a while in times of emergencies or when there is extreme traffic but for other people it is a way of life, simply no other mode of transport can work. Open as they may seem they can offer a sense of privacy because once you build trust with a rider they will go to the ends of the world for your safety. A study revealed that transgender persons only trust motor cycle taxis a mode of transport as this does not draw a lot of attention to them. The same applies to sex workers and other members of the key population community.