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Pro Tips for Safe Online Interactions: A Cautionary Guide from Kuchu Times Media Group

In the midst of these challenges, Grindr has emerged as a crucial space for the LGBTQ community to connect, find support, and seek relationships. However, recent reports of homophobes infiltrating this safe space by creating fake accounts have raised alarm. It is essential to acknowledge that Grindr remains a vital platform for queer individuals to express themselves, find companionship, and build relationships. The focus should not be on abandoning this space but on navigating it more wisely.

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The LGBTIQ Community Did Not Survive HIV in the 80S to Die Of COVID-19 in 2021.-Opinion.

This is a humble message to the LGBTIQ community especially those that live in Uganda. We did not survive dying of HIV/AIDs in the 80s and 90s to die of COVID-19 in 2021. This time we can protect ourselves from COVID-19 without being discriminated on grounds of our sexual orientation and gender identity. You can […]