Homophobic Attack On Human Rights Activist, Steven Kabuye

The Human Rights Community of Uganda woke up to the devastating news of the attack on openly gay activist, Steven Kabuye. Steven was on his way to work when unidentified men on a motorcycle attacked them. “I was walking home at about 8:00 am when a motorcycle with two men both wearing helmets charged in front of me. They got off the motorcycle and one of them came charging towards me with a knife. He aimed at my throat which I protected with my hand which was severly sliced. He then proceeded to stab me in the stomach to which I fell to the ground.

Nothing was taken from Steven when he was attacked, matter of fact his phone and laptop remained with him. A co worker who rushed to the site struggled to get someone to transport them to hospital as they were shunned by anyone they stopped. They were finally rushed to hospital where they have had surgery to repair the damage and the doctors are hopeful that Steven will make a full recovery.

Steven has been vocal about his fight for equal rights for sexual and gender minorities mostly on social media especially X. They have over time shared the threatening messages they have been receiving. This attack on Steven goes to show the seeds of homophobia that have been planted by the anti rights movements and the extremes they are willing to go to. The government of Uganda’s adamant refusal to repeal the Anti Homosexuality Act 2023, is a testament to state sponsored genocide towards sexual and gender diverse Ugandans. The fact that state actors feign ignorance towards the violence faced by LGBTQ+ Ugandans claiming lack of data is bad leadership because there are very many cases like Steven’s documented even in the recently published Strategic Response Team report. There is evidence of violence and protection to any such violations is a fundamental human right of every Ugandan regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.