Allow me lead there!


My goddess, I want to short circuit you from the usual

From the noisy clubs, lousy hoots that vibrate your pinna

From the nude bodies that brush off your uthu

I want to break you away from that routine that has become your tradition


I want to take you to a place where our nudity is welcome

Where calling me by my local name Tumwebaze won’t offend

A place where food won’t be a worry to our enzymes

But wild fruits will be our prey; the wild berries will nurse our appetite


I want us to get to a place where we won’t worry about our dress code

The birds’ feathers will dress us to their beautiful colors

Well scented pollen grain will beautify your face to natural makeup

Your lips will be glossed by honey emanating from the wild hives


I want us to get to that place

Where fresh milk from the elephant’s udder will nurse our thirst

Where river flowing water will swim our bodies to freshness

A place where nature will sing to us

Organic beauty will substitute the usual

A place where you will meet your fellow goddesses


Trees will host us to their cool shelter

Birds will sing lullabies to us

We will rest on the green grass and sleep with hissing snakes

Cover ourselves with clouds that melt the morning dew


Don’t worry about the light

We shall sit on the rocks where the goddesses of the Bachwezi will send us the fire

I want to take you to a place where fresh wind blows; where rains are made

Where the sun originates, where the rainbow starts


A place where the snakes will hiss jubilations of our presence

Where the buffaloes will raise their horns to our protection

My goddess I want to take you out to the wild.


The cool breeze will keep your nipples hard

Your eyes won’t hide away from the truth

Your smile will permanently reflect your beauty

Your fingers will find their way through my hair

A place where I will bend my knee

And ask you for your hand in marriage!