Will You Run your Fingers through my Locks?

30-DreadlockI trembled as I stared deep into your sparkling eyes

Stammered as I held my breath only to let my lips say a word

I let my ego sink as I knelt down to ask you to take me in once more!

Little did I know you had made the final choice….


My hands shook, my eyes ran wet, and my nose once more inhaled the sweet scent of your cologne,

My nose got powdered; I could hardly find the strength to bear it

But I could easily tell it was done

You wanted my company for many reasons other than love


I saw it not working but I clinged on, just not to hurt my fragile heart

The more I persisted, the more you took advantage of my kindness

You knew I loved every piece of you

But just the smallest knot was impossible to untie

You disappointed my innocence, hurt my kind heart

You left me helplessly heart broken

You took too long to realize I was down for you

You ignored my pleas, trashed my apologies and unapologetically wounded my heart with a double edged sword

I may not have been the best but you knew I loved you right

I may not have deserved someone as beautiful as you but I was willing to love one else but you.

I will always miss you!


I still long for your warm embrace; but it was too expensive to be met by my cost

I will always proudly call you my wife, my life, my heaven!

I only asked you for just one more last favor

Baby will you pass your fingers through my locked hair!

I felt the wires electrifying our souls short circuit

Things fell apart; I finally saw darkness at noon


You mined a hole in my heart

You extracted my piece of priceless love

I cried as I saw you lay back

Wished I could reverse the time but it was too late

My apology fell on closed doors!


May be I wasn’t enough for you but I offered all I had

I trusted you with my greatest piece of treasure

I still remember the taste of your love

And my heart still falls for you as hard as yesterday

I still remember your beautiful smile from your cheeks

I still see you when I close my eyes

I still love you as yesterday


But I know you are gone

You needed me for so many reasons other than love

But will you please your fingers through my locks!