KERIE- A Chance Encounter with an Angel

I clearly remember the day-  23rd September 2017; I have been struggling with my inner self for a while now and on this particular afternoon, I felt devastated with what I was feeling inside. I decided to Google for LGBT dating sites where I found ‘one scene’. 

This site has different kinds of people from different parts of the world but I was specifically interested in Ugandans. Some of the people on this site are LGBT identifying but some are there just to have fun which wasn’t what I was there for. This is a site where I met a beautiful young lady that goes by the name Kerie.

Being that I was new on this site I decided to leave simple ‘hellos’ on the pages of the people I found interesting.

As far as I can remember Kerie is the only one that replied to my ‘helo’; she asked for my whatsapp number which I quickly offered.  Less than 12 hours later, she texted, “Babe come online, if u don’t mind. this is Kerie.”

I could barely contain my excitement , it felt like I was finally coming into my own and connecting with someone that didn’t think I was a misfit. I logged in as fast as I could - she was different and she understood. She was asking me about how my day had been and I cant tell you how good it felt to simply have a good conversation with someone who understood and related to my inner battles.

She wanted to know me- the person I was afraid to let people see; so we talked about our hobbies, likes, dislikes, dreams. She made me comfortable and soon our chats progressed to the tougher yet more serious questions that revealed a lot about who we are.  We were talking if we had ever kissed girls or made love to them,  and each answer that came out in the affirmative was followed by how many and how did it feel.

As always, the  “Am I normal?” question lingered in my mind and I found myself asking Kerie why she prefers girls, and what she really loves about them that boys couldn’t give”. Perhaps like some of my friends had insinuated, I was bewitched. As the days went by, we talked more and I realised we had so much in common. For the first time in my life, I felt like there was someone out there who got me, she understood, she did not judge but most of all, she accepted me.

We have been chatting everyday for a while now and we plan to meet soon. My phone has become my most treasured companion because in there lies my Kerie. It’s a strange feeling- one that I am certainly not used to. I can not wait to meet  this girl.