We once documented sweet love’s story how she had turned her home into a safe haven for homeless LGBTI youth in one of Kampala’s deadly slums, but a surprise visit by Kuchu Times field team to check on how she was progressing didn’t turn out as expected as she narrated the tough times she had been experiencing over a period of time.

During our previous publication on 22nd May 2017   this daring Transwoman had narrated to us her life struggles especially battles with her family who had disassociated from anything to do with her since they termed her as disgrace to their family and how the locals had always warned her about the consequences she would face one time for promoting homosexuality around the area.

Sadly, one day after our visit, a call from sweet love was a sad one, she had been attacked by a gang of three men in her neighborhood with her boyfriend around 10pm. These heavily punched both of them chanting homophobic slurs to the near point of death, Sweet Love’s left ear was badly damaged with severe chest pains and the boyfriend as well survived strangulation with deep cuts around the neck.

It is sad that a soul that opened up a home to homeless LGBTI persons is now struggling to find a shelter since her place is no safer, at this point we appeal to the allies and well-wishers to join hands and help Sweet Love in different ways such as counseling, medication and relocation to a safer space.