Children of the Sun (COSF) Uganda held its first ever Masquerade Ball on Saturday 13th July 2019 in Makerere Kikoni. The event which is to be an annual gala is geared towards fundraising resources that will support LGBTI+ persons living with HIV to have better nutritional support as they adhere to ART/ARVs treatment and therapy.

In attendance to contribute to this noble cause were allies, partners and members of the LGBTI+ community.  In his comment to Kuchu Times, Henry Mukiibi, the Executive Director of COSF Uganda appreciated everyone for their attendance to the first Masquerade Ball. “There is need for more support to achieve our targeted goals towards this campaign. We call upon other international and local organisations, as well as individuals to join us in this struggle of fighting HIV/AIDs in Uganda and Africa at large within the LGBT community,” he further urged.

There were also HIV Testing and Counseling (HTC) services availed in a secluded room- this particular Prt of the event was supported by The AIDS Support Organization- TASO Mulago. In a speech from one of the representatives of TASO Mulago, Godfrey re-echoed facts about HIV to the gathering. He further cautioned them to consistently use the several protective measures in place like condoms to keep themselves safe. Godfrey also beseeched the attendees to show love to persons living with HIV instead rather than judging or stigmatizing them which will greatly contribute to the end of the AIDs scourge within our communities.

Samuel Ganafa, the Executive Director of Spectrum Initiatives Uganda who graced the occasion as guest of honor appreciated COSF for the work they are doing for the community despite the many hurdles they have to overcome. “By working together with partners and allies, I am sure we will make bigger steps towards raising the required amount of money to help out a number of our community members who are on ART,” Mr. Ganafa noted. He also encouraged COSF to come up with activities like small savings scheme that will develop the community and in turn, ease the burden since fundraising alone cannot raise the needed resources required to push the initiative forward. He asked each and every person to be empowered to invest in one’s own talent rather than depending on handouts and good will for sustainability.

COSF Uganda went on to give certificates of appreciation to some individuals and organizations that have tirelessly backed their work from inception.

The Masquerade Ball Event was concluded with crowning Mr and Miss Masquerade 2019. The evening was also hyped and action packed with lots of energetic performances from LGBTI artists, cultural dances by COSF members.