Wave of Legacy Alliance Initiative Uganda will on Friday 20th November 2020 stage a play focused on trans matters.  The drama show will take place from 18:00- 18:45 hours and will be streamed live on their social media pages (Wave of Legacy Alliance Initiative).

The show whose cast is majorly trans persons addresses a number of issues including discrimination of transgender people in the work place, the high HIV transmission and acquisition among transgender persons, poor access to health services and lack of employment.

It further tackles behavioral issues such as drug abuse, inconsistence condom use, inadequate perception of self and partners risk, receptive sex, multiple sex partners, self-enacted stigma and violence.

“With this stage production, we seek to inform authorities who do enact policies about the urgent need for adoption of friendly facilities to all people which are tailored, innovative, comprehensive and effective in handling all people including trans gender persons. We also want to address structural issues that bring about violence hence providing solutions to violence against trans persons,” Ramathan Kagwa, the Executive Director of Wave of Legacy Allianc Initiative Uganda said.