Bombastic Magazine Has Been Very Educative-Chronicles Of Bombastic Magazine. (3-5)

My experience with Bombastic Magazine has been amazing. For me as a community member and the entire LGBTQ movement in Uganda over the years, the magazine has been very educative as it tells our lived realities. It is also a resource that the next generation of upcoming human rights activists can learn our history as a movement. Every opportunity that I have received to read through the different editions which have so far been published has been informative.

My favorite, which interested me most was Breaking The Silence on Mental Health and IPV within our community. It came at a time when mental health challenges faced by LGBTQ persons was an issue that had been swept under the rag for the longest time as we hid our unresolved traumas behind closed doors. It put a spotlight and spoke to the society in acknowledgement that their stigma and discrimination against us causes grave impacts such as depression, anxiety and suicidal ideations because we feel unwanted and unloved.

One other reason why I like Bombastic Magazine is the authenticity of our voices and our work. It puts a face to our stories which has created visibility for us as LGBTQ persons. I would encourage LGBTQ community members to read this publication. It’s a source of our information, where the journey of our work began and where it is going. -Elvis Ayesiga

These stories are being shared as we anticipate the release and distribution of the next edition of the Bombastic Magazine edition.