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Ghanaian Homophobes Attack Gay Man On The Streets Of Wa.

In yet another barbaric attack against LGBTIQ Ghanaians, a gay man has been within an inch of his life in Wa, the Upper West regional capital.

According to rights group Rightify Ghana, he was attacked by a homophobic mob who somehow identified him as a gay man. Reports say the victim, only identified as Rahaman, was allegedly seeking for a gay partner but was “apprehended” by residents

“The raw video is even harder to watch as you see his bleeding face and having to stand to listen to the hateful words from his attackers.” Says Rightify Ghana.

In what seems to be the norm with homophobic people, the news anchor and reporter did not condemn the life threatening attack, but glorified it.

The group added , “The video we shared highlights how the Ghanaian media covers LGBTQ issues in Ghana. Even when a victim had his rights taken away in a life threatening attack, you see how the anchor and reporter glorified the violent attack, saying gays should be beaten. Very unfortunate.”

This comes at a time when Ghana’s homophobic Coalition, mainly religious institutions, have teamed up with homophobic MPs to introduce an anti-LGBTQI+ bill to Parliament. Statements from MPs involved in drafting the bill suggest that they have made “conversion therapy” a key part of that vicious bill.

There have been several attacks against LGBTIQ Ghanaians including several arrests and imprisonment without hope for bail.