The First Copy Of Bombastic Magazine I Set My Eyes On Wasn’t Mine-Chronicles of Bombastic Magazine.

The first copy of Bombastic Magazine I set my eyes on wasn’t mine. I didn’t know why they were excited and I couldn’t have a copy. However, after reading through each page, I felt represented. I thought of how brave and awesome it was to finally speak out. I felt that we finally have a voice, we matter and we are here.

Reading stories for and by queer persons gave me a lot of pride and hope. Pride that there are those bold, brave and beautiful enough to share their flaws and awesomeness with us who still struggled with who we are. The visibility we got and continue to get from Bombastic Magazine screams the existence of an LGBTIQ community in Uganda. It screams we are here and we are not going anywhere. It grows the community and adds numbers to the movement. It shows family and screams love and acceptance of self. Thank you, Bombastic Magazine. Thank you, Kuchu Times Media Group. -Joan Amek Eoju, Co-Founder and Co-Director, Rella Women’s Foundation.

Editor’s note: We aim to provide every community member who is interested in Bombastic Magazine with a copy, however at times logistics may not be favorable. This is why we always have an online copy. We urge our supporters to visit the website for all the copies they may have missed out on. Look out for the new, fresh, exciting and informative edition of the Bombastic Magazine that will be out on 1st September 2021.