” It’s A Man’s Game, You Are playing Like A Man” Sexism At Every Level In Sports.

In a bid to ensure that gender-diverse persons have equal opportunity to enjoy the benefits of sport through tackling sexism in sports at every level, Tomorrow Women In Sports Foundation together with Fare Network held a dialogue challenging explicit cases of discrimination, violation, harassment as well as addressing the underlying barriers to equality in sports.

According to the organization, gendered discrimination is one of the factors that hinder queer people from participating in sport yet to very many of LGBTIQ people sport acts as an avenue for recreation, identity, self-esteem, and collective esteem, the ability to bounce back after very trying moments of one’s life trends and the power that sport in enabling marginalized groups of people in their diversity to speak about issues that affect them and the society as a collective.

The organization adds that, the hetero normative nature of Uganda is characterized by homophobia which makes sports spaces unsafe for queer and gender diverse persons who depend on sport for their physical and psychological hence blocking them from participating in a sport which later leads to low self-esteem, death, sexual abuse, unwanted pregnancies, forced marriages, among others.

“It is time we build our resilience to speak about sexism in every space we get for the good of football and the future of sport in Uganda.” Says the head of the organization who wishes to remain anonymous.