Reciting The Rosary On Lesbian Visibility Day

Freedom and Roam Uganda-FARUG hosted a rosary recital this Friday in a bid to mark the World Lesbian Day. We caught up with Winnie the Executive Director Rights for Her who is also a member of FARUG for a conversation.

Where do you find comfort and refuge in case you can’t hold your self up?

Regardless of the hate speech and discrimination that most LGBTIQ persons in Uganda have experienced from worship places, some of us have chosen to stay firm in our religion. Religion is among the tools used to fuel patriarchy. Many unselfish people have used the bible to discriminate women and LGBTIQ persons. But because we believe that God is love and with love God created heterosexuals and us the LGBTIQ persons. That means our existence is valid. We believe God is everywhere, God is within us and God, loves us. We can’t let our fellow mankind stop us from enjoying our freedom of worship.

What is the purpose of this event?

In this month of Mother Mary, a group of Lesbian Bisexual and Queer Catholics under their umbrella the “Faithful Catholic Souls.” decided to fearlessly join the world by meeting at least 1 day every week and recite the rosary together. The world is going through a lot and so is everyone on an individual basis. COVID 19 has hit everyone differently and those it found already marginalized have been hit more by the pandemic. We all know that Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Intersex and Queer-LGBTIQ persons are among the most marginalized groups. The mental status of everyone was put on a check at a certain angle. This is why we need to pray and focus on our mental health.

What is your spiritual healing mechanism?

We all heal differently spiritually and that’s okay. As a queer Catholic, I choose not to be silenced, I will continue worshiping my creator as long as I live. Worshiping is not about going to the buildings they have announced as church, church is within me. I believe my journey on earth is between me and my savior who loves me the way they created me and the day I accepted myself, I have seen the Lord do miracles in my life all the time.

About lesbian visibility day.

I am a lesbian catholic who loves Mother Mary, Jesus and the Lord so much. Whenever I pray, I feel the presence of God within me. I couldn’t stay at home when I heard that today we are reciting the rosary at FARUG premises. There is a way I feel happy within me after this prayer today and I can’t miss the next time. Every bead I touched while praying was drawing me closer to God’s throne. Today on the 8th of October, we choose to continue with our journey of recite the rosary and praying together as LBQ persons in Uganda and we believe this is going to inspire many other LGBTIQ persons to stay firm in their different religions. We call upon all Queer persons to join us. Don’t feel left out, God loves you the way you are and you can still serve the Lord under criticism.