It Is Time To Stand With LGBTQ+ People In Ukraine.

As the war in Ukraine intensifies, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Trangender and Queer People in Ukraine call upon everyone to stand with them.

Lenny Emson, the director of Kyiv Pride says, “Since Russia attacked my country, we are living a nightmare, constantly surrounded by the sound of sirens and mortar fire.We are trying to organize and help our community as quickly as possible. We need your urgent help to provide emergency resources, evacuation logistics, and community support during this tragic war.”

“We feel threatened. As LGBT+ people. As a nation. For now, our goal is to survive and support our community. We are very familiar with the brutality and oppression faced by LGBT+ people in Russia. We have also heard that Russian authorities intend to target LGBT+ activists here in Ukraine. Some media are even talking about a “kill list.” Many people in the LGBT+ community have joined the military, and some have volunteered to protect people in the city. Others are in immediate danger and need to leave the country. Whether we stay to fight or attempt to get out, urgent help is literally a matter of life and death. We are one proud nation, united and determined to resist this attack. But we need your solidarity!” Lenny Emson adds.

LGBT+ people were already vulnerable before the attack, and are now even more at risk of human rights abuses by Russian troops. Escaping is difficult, and the conditions are chaotic.

Kyiv Pride, Insight, and other partner organizations are providing support to help get LGBT+ folks safely out of the country and provide critical resources to those who must stay.

The next couple of days are crucial. Every donation will help save lives and provide protection.
Help local LGBT+ organizations on the ground provide safety, shelter, and support to Ukrainian LGBT+ people now!

Please follow this link to help.