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Opportunity: Kuchu Times Writing Labs

World spread hate towards sexual and gender minorities has been fueled by mainstream media and the failure of LGBTIQ+ persons to tell their stories. Kuchu Times Media Group was born from the dangers of a one sided story and the need for LGBTIQ+ persons to tell the stories of their lives realities themselves.

For the past five years Kuchu Times has told the stories of the community and has now embarked on a story decentralization module to ensure real time reporting at all times. We know that our small team of 7 cannot be everywhere, we also appreciate that there are breaking stories across the country in the LGBTIQ community daily. With these reservations, we built a correspondents network across the country to cover stories of rural LGBTIQ+ persons. This has helped us break stories from these regions as they happen.

Although we are in the urban areas, we realize the community is growing everyday. From this growth we have identified the need for more qualified story tellers in the community. Through social media we have seen a number of LGBTIQ+ persons are trying their best to tell these stories.

Kuchu Times is especially interested in these individuals to harness and expand on these skills. Storytelling even when intended for good can be used to harm if not done carefully. With support from Power of Pride, Kuchu Times Media Group has organized writing labs that are aimed at training LGBTIQ+ storytellers in the basics of safe storytelling. We are targeting community members who are already involved in community storytelling.

Participation is 100% based off merit but slots are limited and will be awarded on a rolling basis. Follow the link below to apply: