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Queers are Dying, Kenya is Looking on.

Queers are dying at an alarming rate in Kenya and it’s sad how most of their deaths are brushed over or talked about in hushed tones when some of them should be full blown murder investigations until we get to know what really happened or justice is served! I hate this country!” Says Decolonial Bruja in a Tweet sent out today.

This after the death of at least three queer Kenyans under mysterious circumstances that have not been investigated and are being discussed in hushed tones.

Kawira Mwirichia who is suspected to have died from suicide was a queer artist known internationally for her kangas (lesos) along with more traditional fine arts mediums such as painting, drawing, and sculpture. Their death wasn’t investigated.

Decolonial Bruja in her tweet thread shared a message claiming that the second victim Sheila Lumumba was found in their home, stabbed, a pool of blood with their eyes plucked out. Their killer tried to make it look like a robbery so they took her gas cylinder.

The third victim is Ayuma, who was killed as a result of femicide. To date, there are no results to any investigations done.

“This country uses every moment they can to remind us how disposable we are. We need more resources for mental health programs that actually work are group therapy only. We need money for safe houses, security programs that run the whole year and actual mental health interventions that work, one’s that go beyond “group therapy.” Says Decolonial Bruja

In Uganda we have been dealt the same blow, about two years ago a gay man was killed in his house while a transgender woman was dragged to death on a boda boda. We need redress and justice when people die because of homophobia.