Freedom and Roam Uganda Payed Kuchu Times Media Group A Wellness Visit.

Freedom and Roam Uganda -FARUG today paid a wellness visit to Kuchu Times Media Group -KTMG.

Simbwa Dante the intern at KTMG says; “I’m so glad they brought us delicious lunch and fresh drinks and spoke to us about the importance of mental health care.”

This as we mark the mental health awareness month.

The KTMG Executive Director Kasha Jaqueline Nabagesera was beside herself with the surprise visit.

She said; “I am overwhelmed with joy and gratitude upon this surprise visit. I am even more proud of FARUG for having such an initiative that allows them to check on our welfare. To be honest I am not very well health wise, it is still very difficult for me to talk about my health. I’m grateful that when the FARUG staff came over I wasn’t asked to talk about my health situation despite the fact that some of them may have heard about my health struggles. I do not take this visit for granted because there are many out there who would appreciate such a visit. For me to get FARUG staff in my space is a blessing. I will forever be humbled by this. Thank you FARUG. I have tears of joy in my heart.”

“As part of our institutionalization of wellness in our organization we decided to share with our founder on this wellness day since she wasn’t feeling well in the past few weeks. Wellness is not only looking out for yourself but looking out for others.” Says Nkali Biggie, Executive Director Freedom and Roam Uganda.

Annually all over the world, the month of May is marked as the Mental Health Awareness Month. This year 2022, the theme of Mental Health Awareness Month is “Back to Basics.” The goal is to provide foundational knowledge about mental health & mental health conditions and information about what people can do if their mental health is a cause for concern.