Visual Echoes For Human Rights Advocacy Elects New Board Treasurer At First Ever AGM.

Kasule Joseph has unanimously been voted in as the new Board Treasurer at Visual Echoes for Human Rights Advocacy-VEHRA. While speaking at the organisation’s first ever Annual General Meeting-AGM, Stephen Muleme the Executive Director VEHRA described Kasule as a brilliant young Uganda who has proper financial knowledge to guide the organization.

In his speech Stephen thanked all the people that have supported the organization for over 5 years and counting, “We were nervous to be having our first ever AGM but we hope that you will finally see and appreciate all the work we have done, I’m grateful for all the people who have held our hand and mentioned us in spaces that matter from the beginning to date.” He said.

The board Chairperson Shamillah Batte was elated by the turn up of LGBTQ community members. She said, “For us as a young organization to have our first ever AGM is a milestone. I remember those days when we used to be their fiscal host for quite a while but now I’m proud to announce that VEHRA is now fully independent and are able to receive and appropriately utilize donor funds on their own as we have seen in the financial report.”

Elvis Ayesiga a board member of the organization encouraged more LGBTQ people interested in advocacy through sports to join VEHRA. “I remember this grant that we got and were able to mobilize and organize LGBTQ Ugandans to participate in sports, we played in an open field and people knew we are LGBTQ but they didn’t attack us. This shows how much sports can unite a community and combat homophobia. I also saw this a a way of mental health care activity, the LGBTQ people who attended the games that day were able to relax and release stress.” He said.

The event ended with an award ceremony where outstanding individuals were awarded for their relentless support towards the organization. They included, Susan Atuhuura, Ssanyu Hajarah Batte, Ayesiga Herbert, Raegan Ssekidde and the Icebreakers Uganda Team.

While handing over an award to the Icebreakers Uganda team, Stephen Muleme said he was grateful that Icebreakers Uganda housed them before they got their own office space on Salaama Road. “I remember having to share office space with Icebreakers Uganda, they were kind and accommodating, we got to use all the facilities in their office without any restrictions including meeting our clients in the same space, I’m proud to say they guided us and sustained us until we got our own office space.” Said Stephen.

Visual Echoes for Human Rights Advocacy-VEHRA is a youth led LGBTQ organization founded in 2017. The organization uses sports, are and economic empowerment to advocate for LGBTQ human rights in Uganda.