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Homophobic Attack on LGBTQ+ Activist As He is Installed As a Chief in Ghana.

Homophobic Attack on LGBTQ+ Activist As He is Installed As a Chief in Ghana.
Davis Mac-Iyalla an LGBTQ+ activist from Ghana was installed as Chief in central Ghana over the weekend. The title that was bestowed upon him was Amankorehen of the Yamonransa Nkusukum Traditional Area in the Central Region of Ghana. However this installation was not without hiccups as he was attacked during the installation.

According to 76 crimes at the time of the attack, he was being carried aloft in a palanquin. A group of youths overturned it, sending Mac-Iyalla toward the ground. “Trying to throw me off the palanquin was an assassination attempt,” Mac-Iyalla stated. “I did not fall. They attempted to kill me but failed. How can I fall from the palanquin when I am sitting down?” He called the assault a “pure violent homophobic attack.” Davis Mac-Iyalla is a Nigerian native who moved to Ghana from England to work for the LGBTQ+-friendly Interfaith Diversity Network of West Africa (IDNOWA).

Speaking to Ugandan LGBTQ+ activist Kasha Jacqueline Nabageresa, this is what she had to say about Davis, “I have worked with Davis for so many years and one thing about him is that he is so development oriented. He doesn’t only concentrate on his activism but all round social activism. I have followed his journey to become a chief for years now. I actually envy that community because I wish it was happening in my own backyard. It really breaks my heart that the ceremony turned violent. I talked to him as soon as I received the terrible news. ” My sister, the trauma will take long time but I am alive for now; continue to pray for me.” We always pray for each other but now more than ever everyone should put him in their prayers because the violence is going to escalate. The title he received means development and no one is more qualified than him to take on this responsibility. The people of Ghana shouldn’t throw away this opportunity simply because of indoctrination and bigotry.”

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