Appreciation Post For Solidarity Towards the Ugandan LGBTQ+ Community Regarding The Anti Homosexuality Bill, 2023.

On Tuesday, 21st April, 2023, Uganda’s Parliament with the guidance of the Speaker of Parliament passed the Anti Homosexuality Bill,2023.
The bill has clauses that criminalize the very existence of LGBT+ persons, isolate the community by labeling anyone who is doing any work to support the community a promoter and therefore liable to punishment. It leaves the community homeless, without access to medical care, legal representation and completely alienated from the rest of society. This act by the Parliament of Uganda fueled the marginalization of an already marginalized group of people.

Different ally communities have come out in solidarity with the Ugandan LGBTQ+ community and condemned this anti rights bill. This was crowned by the Emergency Global Day of Action where the world came together and asked the President of Uganda not to sign the Anti Homosexuality Bill, 2023.

This is a compilation of some of the solidarity messages that the Ugandan LGBTQ+ community has received during this very trying time. We know that there is still a long way to go but we recognize and appreciate each and everyone that has walked this journey with us.

Mwebale Nyo!
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