A Decade Of The Rainbow – A Queer Anthology Celebrating Pride

2022 marked 10 years of Pride celebration in Uganda. As the community celebrated a decade of Pride organizing amidst the extremely volatile circumstances, Kuchu Times Media Group in partnership with Dr. Stella Nyanzi worked on a collection of poems from queer writers across Uganda to celebrate a decade of Pride organizing. There has not been a time as opportune as this to be remind us that even in the middle of this raging storm, there is hope.

Queer writers each poured themselves into this project to share with the world what celebrating pride means to them. This anthology has been awaiting a befitting launch but with current legal environment in the country, this has not been possible. We genuinely hope that as you go through these pages, for the queer community that this will be the beacon of hope you have been hoping for this Pride month. For the rest of the community, we hope through these pages you paint a picture of who LGBTQ+ are away from all the lies being peddled by the anti-rights movement.