Among You Ugandan LGBT+ Lived Realities Podcast

With support from Uganda Key Populations Consortium (UKPC) under the Free To Be Me program, Kuchu Times Media Group is launching a podcasting project. Among You is a podcasting project that aims to provide a safe platform for LGBTQ+ individuals to share their experiences, challenges, and achievements, and to advocate for their human rights. The podcast will focus on issues related to the LGBTQ+ community in Uganda, especially during these anti rights legislation times focusing on what and not who so as to humanize such as discrimination, stigmatization, violence, health, and legal issues.

By amplifying LGBTQ+ voices, the project seeks to raise awareness and understanding of
LGBTQ+ issues among the wider Ugandan society, and to promote a more inclusive and
tolerant society.The overall goal of this project is to reclaim the narrative of the realities of LGBTQ+ persons in Uganda and influence positive attitude and policy change.

Uganda has been historically notorious for its discriminatory stance towards the LGBT+ community. Homosexuality has recently been re-criminalized exactly 9 years after the same bill was repealed in the courts of law. Fear and stigma has driven many LGBT+ Ugandans into hiding, unable to express their true selves and leading to a life of secrecy and poor services.

In this atmosphere of repression, it is vital to amplify the voices of LGBT+ individuals sharing their diverse experiences and painting a nuanced picture of the challenges we face daily. This podcast project intends to be a beacon of hope providing a safe space for open dialogue and shedding light on the often-overlooked aspects of our lives.

The “Among You” podcast will feature candid interviews and intimate conversations with LGBT+ Ugandans from diverse backgrounds. The podcast will focus on stories of resilience, love, friendship, activism and hope; highlighting the incredible strength it takes to navigate life under oppressive circumstances. Each episode will delve into unique perspectives, shedding light on various themes and dreams for a more inclusive feature.

The “Among You” podcast project stands as a powerful initiative aimed at humanizing the LGBT+ community in Uganda and the rest of the region. Through these brave individual stories, the project aims to break the silence, dismantle prejudice and drive societal change, ultimately fostering an inclusive and accepting society. We aim to listen, learn and stand in solidarity ensuring that no voice remains unheard and no story remains untold.