February 2024

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A Champion of Human Rights: A Conversation with Hillary Taylor S. the recipient of the 2024 David Kato Award.

“It’s not just a personal recognition; it’s a recognition of the collective efforts of all those who believe in the inherent dignity and rights of every individual,” Hillary expressed, his eyes reflecting a profound sense of purpose. “The award, named after David Kato, is a reminder that our work is not in isolation but part of a larger movement striving for justice, equality, and respect for human rights.”

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Are Human Rights Across The African Continent Falling Like Dominoes-A Case of Ghana.

Uganda, still grappling with the effects of the Anti Homosexuality Act, 2023 that was passed over 250 days ago. We have witnessed first hand what anti rights legislation can do to marginalized communities from physical attacks to homelessness to unemployment and so on.
The passing of a similar law in Ghana could serve as a catalyst for regressive forces within the rest of Africa, igniting debates on the criminalisation of consensual adult same-sex relationships in other countries.


LGBTQ+ History Month – What does the LGBTQ+ community in Uganda deserve?

This history month. Kuchu Times Media Group will run a campaign titled, “What do LGBTQ+ people deserve?” Engaging with LGBTQ+ activists to discuss what LGBTQ+ individuals deserve is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, activists are on the front lines of the ongoing struggle for equality and rights, possessing firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community. Their insights provide a nuanced understanding of the specific needs and aspirations of the community.