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KENYA: Let Me Introduce Myself.

I’m George Barasa (Jojibaro)24, openly HIV+Gay artist and activist based in Nairobi Kenya.

Being a KUCHU a’ve had to go through what I can only term as “full gay cycle”

I’ve gone through rejection from family and friends, outed by the media, dropped out of school and self educating myself, laid off at work, my house vandalised and vacated without notice, detained unlawfully, beaten up by mob, tried to commit suicide, STIs and now HIV, the list is endless but as we say ; this is what activist are made of.

I’ve met many people and travelled wide and far. As a result I became an activist. With one mission, Equality. But there were to be sacrificial lambs then and I happen to be one of them. We fighting a gender fight, not agenda fight.

Being an LGBTI in Kenya is punishable by law but such laws are rarely enforced…but I would found myself once being framed for the crime I never committed just to have me punished. Politicians and preachers use their crusades to pledge and sermon about shedding of our blood for voting or offering ratings respectively in the name of moral and culture…but that is a story for another day.

I write other stuff once every forthnight but when I was approached for this opportunity, I took it without hesitation.
I’m your new correspondent from Kenya.
From spoken word to perfoming and now writing,
I would be bringing you first hand experiences from Kenya.

Kuchu Times is your voice, your mouth piece, your platform
We are taking our viscibility to the next level.

Thank you everyone for believing in me

George Barasa(Jojibaro)
LGBTI Artist, Activist