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Iranian Television Preacher Causes Uproar after Claiming Father’s Distraction during Intercourse could Result into a Homosexual Child

Iranian Television Preacher Causes Uproar after Claiming Father’s Distraction during Intercourse could Result into a Homosexual Child

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Over the years, there have been numerous theories about what causes homosexuality but the latest from an Iranian cleric is the most bizarre the world has ever heard. Ayotollah Hossein Dehnavi claims that if a father fantasies about other women during intercourse, the child conceived is most likely to become homosexual.

In 1962, Irving Beiber came up with the parental relationships where he studied 106 male homosexual patients who were being treated by him or other psychiatrists and found that early cross-gender behavior, including patterns that are thought of as feminine, was the most common element in their background. He thus realized that the phenomenon that became homosexuality among adults actually started very early, long before the hormonal surge at puberty focused the attention of the young man on sex. However, Bieber was also the source of another idea that seems to be an oversimplification or an error in interpretation: he attributed this early behavior to parental patterns that emphasized a strong binding relationship with mothers and weak or absent fathers.

In the year 1978, Frederick Whitam claimed that homosexuality was biologically derived. He noted that although all people in all societies with rare exceptions are socialized to be heterosexual, the predictable, universal appearance of homosexual persons, despite socialization into heterosexual patterns of behavior suggest not only that homosexual orientation is biologically based but that sexual orientation itself is also biologically derived. ,

Earlier in 1917, Eugen Steinach carried out a research on in-womb secretions where performed transplants of testes and ovaries in rats and guinea pigs. His research showed that these glands secrete hormones into the bloodstream that influence not only the animals’ physical development but also their sexual behavior. These secretions, he argued, were responsible for the “sexualization” of the brain as male or female. He suggested that this sexualization occurs early in life, because the most dramatic effects were seen when the transplantations were performed shortly after birth.

Steinach developed the notion, partly under the influence of Hirschfeld’s biological theories, that the testicular secretions in homosexual men were abnormal and that they drove brain development in a female rather than a male direction. He even claimed to see microscopic differences in the structure of the testis between homosexual and heterosexual men; these differences were not in the sperm-forming cells but in the ‘interstitial’ cells, the cells that he had shown to be responsible for the secretion of testicular hormones.

The theories are never ending but Dehnavi’s theory has caused uproar within the community as it seems to challenge nature. Dehnavi is a television presenter who is infamous for his show on family, sex and child bearing.