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Literal Reveries: Boldly Queer Kenya Launched


By George Barasa

The Global launch of Boldly Queer a book co-edited by Ken Mwachiro, took place recently, adding Kenya to the list of countries that have done the same in support of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) rights. The invite only event was held at Best Western Hotel on Thursday 20th of August 2015 and was solely sponsored by HIVOS, an international development organization that works closely with LGBTI persons.

Therein, is Binyavanga Wainana’s story, commonly referred to as the “Lost Chapter” alongside many other inspiring stories from within the LGBTI community. The hard copy of the book is not yet readily on the market and this has sparked debate on whether it is available for the layman.

While the greater community agrees that Boldly Queer is a great activism and advocacy tool, they have not ignored the fact that very few stories were selected for publication.

“This is a very good initiative but many boldly LGBTI persons should have had their stories told. None the less, we believe it will go a long way in serving the advocacy purpose,” an out gay man that preferred anonymity said of the development.


Boldly Queer express same sex and gender diversity from an African point of view. Sex talk which  used to be a taboo back in the days but with the bold language used in the book, it is obvious this notion is being overturned.

The book has not shied away from sexual contexts or things perceived to be outside the norm. According to the official Hivos site, the book is a must have for activists, scholars, writers and must be on library shelves.