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Suddenly a voice echoed to my pinna

Strong like a thunderstorm but gentle like a dove

It appeared from the unknown, engulfed me as my partner

It shook my cave which had seemed so strong time and again

My shell had protected me from the hazard for as long as I had understood

This voice of a friend is threatening though not worrying

The unusual had occurred; a voice whose identity I had lost from my memory appeared to me!


Jesus, Joseph or Mary; my sins had sentenced me to their black list

Father, mother or family: they attended my funeral the other year

Trisha, Henry& Beth; they found better teammates

This voice, this voice!


Suddenly I had a voice

It closed my eyes to the dreams

Stiffened my body straight like a corpse my parents buried then

My hands nail hard but open

I had last opened my hands fashionably when church still welcomed my sinfulness; “our father, who art in Heaven”

My mind slowly slumbered; the loud voice went mute

I inhaled it in my lungs as it bounced in my chest &tickled my feet pads

My outlets opened; fresh air suffocated me

I for a moment lacked a worry or two.

I totally slimmed the weight of my burdens!


Did I just have a dream?

My muscle tone is impaired; my eyes are smiling & my ears saluting the sky.

I am filled with energy

My cup of love is full& I want to share


This is the moment!

From this moment on I love who I am

I am a proud LGBTI

I am here and

The voice was you!