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YHEPP Releases Guide to Key Resource Centres within Nairobi

YHEPPThe Nairobi based Youth Health and Psychosocial Support Programme (YHEPP) has put together a guide to key resources for psychosocial welfare for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender youth within the Kenyan capital.

The guide which puts together all information pertaining to vital resource centres, what services they offer and where they are located is meant to help LGBT youth, who face a high chance of discrimination, have easier accessibility to these vital services.

The guide further explains some of the most used acronyms within the sexual and gender minorities’ communities. It also summarizes some of Nairobi’s most important facts like its history, geographical location, sports, culture as well as politics.

The 16 page document also provides an English-Kiswahili-Sheng translation for basic communication phrases. Included therein is information about communication spheres and service providers, the transport system, social centres, housing facilities, money and insurance, health facilities, hang out spots, places of worship, escort services, security and emergency contacts as well as the allies of the community that could be of help if need be.



Youth Health and Psychosocial support Program – [YHEPP] is a youth-led community-based organization advancing mental wellness and repairing social lives of LGBT youth (18-27) in Nairobi. They look into mind-related issues and social difficulties caused by HIV, sexual orientation and gender identity.

YHEPP works with identifying individuals or groups of LGBT youth of ages 18-27 who;

  • have been victims of, (ii) are still facing mind-related issues and social difficulties e.g. insecurity, stigma, stress, PTSD, depression, anxiety, agoraphobia, withdrawal, and suicide. Other connected issues include involuntary aggressive behavior and Drugs and Substance Abuse (DSA).

They work with all individuals, groups, organizations and nations who respect, protect and observe rights and dignity of the person. According to YHEPP, anyone in the world; including the Arab world, who works to ensure that Faith is used to advance social inclusion, equality and safety of sexual and gender minorities has a loyal friend in us.