OPPORTUNITY: International Human Rights Training Program

HROThe International Human Rights Training Program (IHRTP) is an internationally recognised intensive three week training program. It is the only training program in the world specifically dedicated to building the capacity of human rights educators. The program is a unique opportunity for human rights educators to acquire practical tools to improve the effectiveness and impact of their work while deepening heir understanding of human rights.


Who is eligible to apply?

The program is for human rights educators from civil society organizations, regional and national institutions and government agencies.


The tuition fee is $ 5,845 CAD which covers: • Training costs • Accommodation and meals • Program materials • Emergency medical insurance with full and partial scholarships available.


How to apply?


Your application must include

: • The completed application form

  • The Memorandum of Agreement duly signed
  • Two letters of reference from a national or international human rights organization (other than the candidate’s), familiar with the candidate’s work and / or that of the organization; and
  • A brochure (and / or mission statement) describing the work of the candidate’s organization.


Your completed application must be sent to ihrtp-pifdh@equitas.org before November 23, 2015


For more details, please visit www.equitas.org.