Caitlyn Jenner in Process of Adopting a Child

cjennerShe made headlines last year after coming out as a transgender woman and Caitlyn Jenner is now going for everything she has ever dreamed of. The reality star has decided it is time to grow her family and is planning to adopt a child this year.

While most of her close friends and family were shocked by her decision, they remain supportive since they know she will give her new child a good home. The 66 year Olympic medalist is planning to adopt her new baby as a single parent.

Close friends also intimate Ms Jenner is very aware that the road to achieving this dream wll not be a walk over but she is still determined to go through all the tedious processes. She however remains open to adopting from both the Unites States and other parts of the world.

Caitlyn has six children from her previous marriages and all of them have since taken steps to reunite with her after transition.

Caitlyn’s adoption will open grounds for both discussions and hopefully policies to let transgender people adopt children if they so desire. The LGBTI community as a whole has faced the challenges with adoption with many governments deeming them unfit parents or refusing to grant them children on grounds that the former will be confused or end up adopting the same life style.

Hopefully, just like her transition created more awareness for transgender issues, Caitlyn’s adoption will also create a change for the LGBTI community altogether.