Woman Survives Lynching after being found with Girlfriend in Bukomansimbi

cuffsA woman identified as Prose Namwebe was this week arrested by police in Bukomansimbi and charged with unnatural offences. Namwebe was arrested after being found with Madina Namusoke, a daughter to Hajji Ssekamate.

According to the Police in Bukomansimbi, the couple was arrested after Madinah’s father who is also a religious leader in the area was tipped off by a neighbor.

On the unfortunate day, Prose is said to have arrived to visit her girlfriend only to be intercepted by the latter’s father.  The police also intimated that their quick arrival at the scene prevented the couple from being lynched by an angry mob.

Namwebe’s case was registered under police file vide REF 26/20/01/16.