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FARUG Takes On Breaking Cultural, Religious and Societal Barriers for LBT Persons

FARUG Executive Director Ssenfuka J Warry noted that most LGBTI people are faced with the a difficult coming out process based on the reality that most fami,lies are very misinformed about gender and sexual minorities. She emphasized the need for parents to create time with their children and actually get to know them. Ms. Warry also called upon religious leaders to always preach love not hate saying that all human beings were created in God’s image and that no human has a right to judge another.


BOMBASTIC MAGAZINE: What Would You Like To See In The 3rd Edition?

Kuchu Times Media Group (KTMG) is in the early stages of putting together the fourth issue of Bombastic Magazine. There are lots of ways that you can get involved in the magazine and one of these ways is helping determine the direction of this publication.

Being a community initiative, we thought it best to put the ball in your court. What would you like to see in the next issue, what topics would you love to see addressed, what issues remain untackled or what would you want us (as a community) to debunk?