Uganda’s LGBTIQ community, represented by some of its leaders, has issued a statement addressing the accusations that continue to be peddled by some politicians alleging that the opposition in Uganda is funded by the LGBTIQ community.

During the campaigns leading up to the recently concluded national elections, several politicians directly accused the community of sponsoring the opposition while others alluded to the community being responsible for the instability that rocked the nation during the same period.

Because they were constantly and unfairly being used as a scapegoat to derail the electorate from the urgent issues that needed to be addressed, the LGBTIQ community suffered extremes effects. As if that was not enough, we now find ourselves facing an even bigger problem as different nations and leaders call for financial aid cuts to Uganda.

It is upon this background that the community leaders are speaking up on behalf of the entire community, to make our position clear. In the statement released this afternoon, they clearly state that the community is nonpartisan and every individual supports a party of their choice as is their constitutional right. They also indicate that the community is willing and will work with whichever government is in power.

“We do not as a group entity, support any one political party. In fact, individual LGBTIQ+ persons will be differently affiliated to a political party or ideology of their choice as is Constitutionally allowed and provided. The service organizations that support our wellbeing are also equally non-partisan, recognizing that our only mandate is to serve our members and clients with the services that they need. We therefore find accusations from any politician that we are associatively supporting particular opposition political ideologies as a vague, unsubstantiated and bogus claim,” reads part of the statement.

The statement further calls for the review of some of the resolutions that are being adopted by some countries in relation to Uganda. The LGBTIQ community voices its concern about the call to cut financial aid to Uganda as this will inherently affect all the programs and initiatives that are currently running to uphold the rights of LGBTIQ Ugandans.

Below is the statement as shared