PAN AFRICA ILGA and GIN Call for Protection of LGBTIQ Refugees in Kakuma

With the increased attacks on LGBTIQ persons in the Nairobi based Kakuma camp, PAN AFRICA ILGA and Global Interfaith Network have released a joint statement to draw attention to this rampant injustice. The statement was issued ahead of a much anticipated meeting between Block 13, which houses the largest number of LGBTIQ refugees in Kakuma and United Nations High Commission for Refugees.

“Pan Africa ILGA and GIN are concerned about the growing number of torture happening to the LGBTQ+ persons in the camp. the brutal attacks, continue to emerge for years now and it is high time this must be addressed,” reads the introduction to the statement shared on the Pan Africa ILGA website.

The statement lists some of the most recent attacks suffered by LGBTIQ persons within the camp. It should be noted that these are not the only incidents that have been registered, LGBTIQ refugees in Kakuma have over the years suffered attacks at the hands of other refugees. Below are a few links to a number of stories shared on our website, about the harassment suffered by LGBTIQ refugees in Kakuma.

Also shared below is the statement issued by PAN AFRICA ILGA and GIN