RAINBOW CHILDHOODS: A Powerful Compilation of Stories Detailing Growing Up as an LGBTQ+ Person in Kenya

Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya in December last year, released Rainbow Childhoods, an anthology of stories portraying different aspects of the LGBTQ+ experiences and childhood struggles in understanding sex, gender roles, sexuality and gender identity.

“In these deeply moving and empowering stories of LGBTQ+ persons in Kenya, readers will understand the lives of LGBTQ+ people growing up, from the beginning of their childhood experience to their young adult lives they tell these remarkable and under-told stories. The stories of love, hope, equality, and pride will open our eyes to how children who know that they have “alternative” sexual orientations or gender identities understand this component of their personality as they grow up and the impact of this on relationships with their families and peers,” the synopsis of the story collection states.

The extremely reflective series of self-discovery and acceptance will take many down the familiar road of coming to grips with one’s sexuality or gender in a highly homophobic society. However, they also give hope for a better tomorrow as most of the advice penned to the younger selves of the narrators’ reveal strength, bravery and self-love.

“Accept you are different and don’t let that difference eat you up inside. Unleash the real you and be comfortable with that and be comfortable with yourself. People may never accept who you are but the moment you realise their perceptions aren’t important, nothing will crush you.

Growing up as a gay man will be hard and you will encounter challenges from society and especially your family, who might not always defend you, so it is important to stay strong in yours,” one of the narrators shares what he would tell his young self.

This 112 aged story collection will leave you reeling from a roller coaster of emotions as it evokes every feeling possible whist inducing empathy to the vulnerabilities that most sexual and gender minorities have experienced firsthand.

Below is a soft copy of Rainbow Childhoods

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